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عبد اللہ حسین ادبی ریفرنس

  WRITER OF ‘WEARY GENERATIONS’ LEFT LASTING IMPACT ON OUR LIVES Abdullah Hussain a towering personality of Pakistan’s literary landscape Zubair Qureshi Wednesday, July 15, 2015 – Islamabad—Mohammad Khan known as Abdullah Hussain revived people’s faith in fiction as he neither wrote glorified anecdotes of Islam nor any ‘feel good’ …

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دہشت میں محبت”|اسلام آباد ادبی فورم میں”

محمد حمید شاہد کے منتخب افسانوں کا مجموعہ دہشت میں محبت پر اسلام آباد ادبی فورم میں ادیبوں کی گفتگو : رپورٹ عابدہ تقی Daily Jehan Pakistan: Dehshat Maen Mohabbat -Report Abida Taqi دہشت میں محبت|محمد غالب نشتر دہشت میں محبت دہشت میں محبت: اسلام آباد لٹریچر فیسٹول میں تقریب …

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محمد کامران شہزاد|کچھ محمد حمید شاہد کے بارے میں

محمدحمید شاہد کا تعلق پنڈی گھیب ضلع اٹک (پنجاب) کے گاؤں “چکی”کے متوسط گھرانے سے تھا ۔ ان کے ننھیال اور دوھیال کا تعلق بھی ’’چکی ‘‘ سے ہی تھا ۔ حمید شاہد کے دادا(غلام نبی )گاؤں میں کاشت کاری کے پیشے سے وابستہ تھے بعدازاں اولاد کے بہتر مستقبل …

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An evening with Hameed Shahid

  Karachi, Jun 21: Pen for peace, in collaboration with the Fiction Group held an evening with Islamabad-based fiction writer Mohammad Hameed Shahid during his visit to Karachi the other day. A very senior fiction writer, Ahmed Yusuf was in the chair while Dr Syed Alimullah Hali, yet another Indian …

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Symbolic depiction of a national tragedy

Symbolic depiction of a national tragedy Schezee Zaidi Islamabad: Hameed Shahid‘s first novel “Mitti Adam Khati Hai” launched at Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) on Monday is an attempt to portray the national tragedy of 1971 debacle in a more humanistic way. Starting from the title to the neatly woven …

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Idaray Aur Aadmi Discussed in Halqa Meeting

Hameed Shahid’s Short Story  Idaray Aur Aadmi  (Institutions and men)  Discussed in Halqa Meeting ISLAMABAD: Feb 2: Short story Idaray aur Aadmi by writer Hameed Shahid was discussed at a weekly meeting of the Halqa Arbab-e-Zauq on a cold Islamabad evening on Saturday. The short story was considered a continuation …

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