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An evening with Hameed Shahid



Karachi, Jun 21: Pen for peace, in collaboration with the Fiction Group held an evening with Islamabad-based fiction writer Mohammad Hameed Shahid during his visit to Karachi the other day.

A very senior fiction writer, Ahmed Yusuf was in the chair while Dr Syed Alimullah Hali, yet another Indian poet and critic was the main speaker. Prof. Ali Haider Malik did compering.

Hameed Shahid is known name in the realm of Urdu short fiction. He has three collections of short stories, a novel “Mitti Adam Khati Hai” and a book of critique to his credit.

Discussing Hameed Shahid’s art, with particular reference to “Margzaar” Dr. Hali remarked that his stories present the attempt to go beyond the boundaries of reality reach to the truth.

He praised Shahid’s stories and said that the magic of his art was such that one cannot resist getting lost into it.

Addressing the session, Hameed Shahid spoke about his intellectual involvement with the theme and situation.

He took extra care to present only what was necessarily the part of story, he add.

In his presidential brief Ahmed Yusuf said that a short story was not merely narration of the happenings, but it required a well-conceived plan which was very much present in Shahid’s fiction.

At the outset the host, Saba Ekram, in his brief introduction of the guest of honour, opined that Shahid’s short stories outclassed many of his colleagues both in terms of quality and quantity.

Prominent among the participants were Anwar Ahsan Siddiqui, Mazhar Jamil, Muslim Shimim, Taj Baloch, Asif Farrokhi, Mobin Mirza, Ahmed Zainuddin, Aminuddin, Ajmal Aejaz, A. Khayyam, Roomana Roomi, Nasim Anjum and score of others.

Daily News (Thursday, June 21, 2007)


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An evening with Hameed Shahid

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