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The Touch of Moment

touchلمحوں کا لمس


Prosody Crumbles
translated from Urdu in to English by
Bashir Hussain Nazim
Pages 400
1983,Islamabad, Pakistan

A minute study of this anthology will reveal to the readers that Mohammad Hameed Shahid is intellectually in a position to cast the lasso of his power of discernment over the fascinating verses out of his visionary firmament to enlighten the readers. While translating M. Hameed Shahid’s book Lamhoon Ka Lams,Nasmein, I was enthralled both by the language and content of the composed material. We have to examine though provoking, rather interesting subject matter contained in his writings, and the special acumen of its handling language-wise. I hope the reader will adjudge this work dispassionately.

Basher Hussain Nazim

As a poet, Hameed Shahid is a non-conformist and he decries the beaten track. He carries our fresh experiments and explores pastures new. His poetry is governed by the feeling of his own power in so far as it readily utilizes semi conscious states and the dim regions of the inner world. To some, his penetrating vision gives the touch of the morbid, but we are convinced this criticism is misplaced as his vision of life is primarily made up of two composite sympathy. Hameed Shahid’s crowning merit lies in details and in the perfection of his artistic vision. The polished quality of this verse covers, without hiding, a robust concatenation of ideas. His style is enriched by the powers of his imagery and it is flexibly modeled on the delicacies of a keen, sensitive perception, it shines with all the colors of a vivid imagination and reached at times in the rendering of impressions a degree of acuteness and of evocative charm. This distinctly betokens a more modern, more conscious art, which is capable of intense effects.

Col (Rtd) Ghulam Sarver

All the Nasmein of Hameed Shahid amaze one with their unique style of sensitivity. From the unknown, he transports his reader to the known, and keeps him all though fully under his command. I deem Hameed Shahid is unparallel in his style, imagination and diction. He has invented this pattern on his own. In his own merit, he owns it. Anyone else trying to copy it is sure to falter. Hameed Shahid alone flourishes to maintain it and so he does and will continue to do!

Ahmad Aqil Rubi

Ordinary and plain love does not constitute the pith and essence of Mohammad Hameed Shahid’s Nasmein. They explore deep and express elaborately the entire human communion alongside its affinities and associations. This fellowship undulates at places like verdant harvest, and sometimes the long fingers of concern apprehensively fumble in the ashes of thought. Such moments are tainted with the slight colors of the beloved’s body, and transferring into a butterfly, they surpass the vision’s grasp. That is way he refrains from carving a line of lightheartedness over his face because internally he is overtaken of a fear of facelessness. Study the Nasmein of Hameed Shahid, and dive deep in order to acquaint your self with the beauty of thought concealed in words.

Mohsin Ehsan

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