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پاکستانی ادب 2010

پاکستانی ادب 2010(نثر) مرتبہ: احمد جاوید/محمد حمید شاہد اکادمی ادبیات پاکستان 2016 Resuming traditions Altaf Hussain Asad August 21, 2016 http://tns.thenews.com.pk/resuming-traditions/#.V8Y-oph97IU The Pakistan Academy of Letters first published a selection of Pakistani poetry and prose in 1990, and for many years this tradition was kept alive on an annual basis. …

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Symbolic depiction of a national tragedy

Symbolic depiction of a national tragedy Schezee Zaidi Islamabad: Hameed Shahid‘s first novel “Mitti Adam Khati Hai” launched at Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) on Monday is an attempt to portray the national tragedy of 1971 debacle in a more humanistic way. Starting from the title to the neatly woven …

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