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PARO|M Hameed Shahid

Tethering the Motley in the yard he muttered under tone: when sheaths ripen the coming asarh, I will buy another of your pedigree. He tested the knot on the moving his hand gently on the ox’s back. This act sent a feeling of exhilaration through his whole being. He was …

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THE NEST OF SNOW|M Hameed Shahid

She was irritated very much. She unlatched the door. I had hardly stepped in then she showered a volley of reproof on me. The girls, who were greatly delighted on my coming home wanted to rush at me. They were, however, checked of discretion to remain aloof, at this unseemly …

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THE REVELLER|M Hameed Shahid

Female and fragrance I cherish the most – or should I confess that feminine fragrance intoxicate me immensely. Now that I shun a woman, avoid to converse with her, this never was my wont previously. So I admit over again that woman and smell emanating from her being, always infatuate …

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