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The tale of a moody and sad man|Farooq Sarwar

Literary chat By Farooq Sarwar, Daily Balochistan Express,20 May 2020 Farooq Sarwar On a playground the situation is very strange. It is a final match between two powerful teams. These are the last moments, amazingly no goal is being scored. The spectators are convinced and it is their believe and …

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M.Hameed Shahid|Hurt to Breath

Hurt to breath _____ A fiction from Urdu literature, Written by: Mohammad Hameed Shahid, Translated by: Farooq Sarwar .Suddenly his mind diverted to his fatherNot only to his father, but the special part of the time too, when he was ready to dieHe completely lost himself in his thinking, like …

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مِری گود میں دَم نکلے گا|محمد حمید شاہد

راہ دم تیغ پہ ہو کیوں نہ میرجی پہ رکھیں گے تو گزر جائیں گے وہ کھانسے، یوں نہیں جیسے کوئی مریض کھانستا ہے بلکہ یوں جیسے کوئی گفتگو کرنے والا، اپنے حلقوم تک آ چکی بات کو نئے رخ سے راہ دینے کے لیے ہلکا سا کھنگورا مارتا ہے،’’ہَک …

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