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The tale of a moody and sad man|Farooq Sarwar

Literary chat By Farooq Sarwar, Daily Balochistan Express,20 May 2020

Farooq Sarwar

On a playground the situation is very strange. It is a final match between two powerful teams. These are the last moments, amazingly no goal is being scored. The spectators are convinced and it is their believe and conviction that one team has the ability to make a score. But the special and most talented player of the team, who can score, is out of the ground at the moment.So a group of the Organiser of this particular team is making many requests to this player that kindly join the match. Indeed, now it is very necessary for him to participate in the match and show his skill, because he is the real scorer, but he refuses to play and say that you better know that I am the follower of my mood, so I am not inclined to play today, therefore accept my apology.

Not only a moody man is he, he is a sad,he is a melancholy man with high gloominess as well. Although he is a very lively person in his life, he goes to different cities, participates in dozens of literary seminars, and participates in poetry functions even though he is not a poet. He always has guests at his house including great writers of Pakistan and with all of them he is laughing and smiling very loudly, but I believe that this person stays sad in his heart.

Now on one hand, moodiness and sadness seem to me to be a part of his life, but on the other hand contary to this his eyes do not reflect his sad and unhappy nature at all. Surprisingly, each of them is lively and full of life. We also see the passion here to enjoy the life with full of interest and as well with the pleasures of life. One thing, which I forgot to mention that the name of this gentleman is M Hameed Shahid.

Now we have two points for consideration that why we called him as a moody person and secondly as a man of sensitive nature, but since I have been in contact with him for a long, so there is a special quality in him as well, which neither time has created in him ,nor did he create this virtue by himself.
It is the virtue of Mr. Hameed that he is so generous to give his opinion about someone. I did not meet him, but I found my friend Afzal Murad with the opinion that he praised your story under the title of red fox everywhere. He does and he has very good words about you. So he was the second big name in Urdu literature after Aslam Farrukhi,who appreciated me and in fact, it was a great honor for me, while now, Mr. Hameed is continuously read my fictions and encourage me, which is a great remarkable characteristic inside this person and ability and willingness for a lot of encouragement for others.

Now let’s assume that he is moody and as well as gloomy, but the question arises as to why he is like this type of man. Now we bring out two new things on the surface. One thing is that he is a master of Urdu fiction. He is a very high level writer and his other quality is that he writes excellent and extraordinary criticism on Urdu fiction.

I called him a player, who is not going on the field and not playing and says that I am not in the mood. We give another example of this. Ibn Safi was a very good Urdu writer and he used to write a new suspense novel after each seven days. My complaint to Hameed Sahib is that he does not work according to his excellent ability.At present, the art of his writing as a critique in Urdu fiction is on most top. The ground realities are that after Hassan Askari and Dr. Wazir Agha, we do not see any great critics in Urdu literature, because God gave Hameed God-given ability to write best criticism and then he also has an excellent stamina to write. we do not insist that he should write a book in seven days like Ibn Safi, but he should perpetually write on new and fresh issues facing literature at present. Then the problem of publisher is not important before Mr Hameed. Every publisher accepts his book with a smile , so why he is just sitting out of the ground like a moody player and why he dose not join the game, when everyone here needs to play him. therefore within a month is one new and fresh criticism book is very necessary and essential.

I am the regular reader of Hameed Shahids fiction. Which is restless by nature. It shows the helplessness of the members of the society. He is not satisfied from any institution of his society, whether he talks about a hospital or about relationships or at education or at any government office or at any other institution. He is totally dissatisfied with each and every one. Consequently we hear the words of sadness and grief from Hameed. The question arises as to where does this grief and sadness end up and it takes him?Can we say that Hameed Shahid writes like English novelist Thomas Hardy. Hardy wrote a lot of novels, many of his novels are currently taught to students of English literature. I myself studied a novel by Thomas Hardy in my MA English.Hardy’s specialty is that he finds the dark side in everything, that’s why we also called him as a pessimist writer, but I don’t think Hameed has this tendency. Basically he is the idealist and a dreamer. He totally emphasizes on reformation, it is his Moto, therefore he uses the weapon of satire brutally and mercilessly.I think this person will continue to do so until he sees a very beautiful and lovely world for all human beings.

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