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Lok Virsa promoting new singers



ISLAMABAD: Lok Virsa started a new programme “Open Mic” to provide a platform to the emerging singers from all genres.

The idea is to promote those who are eager to sing but they lack a proper platform. Not only certificates are distributed among the singers but they are also provided the opportunity to sing at different forums. The programme started properly on 5th March at Lok Khaba.

Seven participants: Uzma Nadeem, Saira Nigar, Nasir Jamil, Azra Ilyas, Masood Ahmed, Nangyal Khan and Ahmed Khan Malangi took part in this competition and sung beautiful melodies in their mesmerising voices. A good number of people were present heartily encouraging the participants.The panel of judges consisted of Dr Abrar Umer, Tariq Mehmood and Ahmed Niazi. The programme was conducted by Naeem Alvi. Certificates were distributed by the fiction writer Hameed Shahid.




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