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Meet the Writer | M Hameed Shahid

”The dominant topic of Urdu Literature in the 21st century would be the survival of human beings and the revival of the lost spirit of their souls”, said Muhammad Hameed Shahid who joined CTF on 3rd May 2017 in a reading and discussion session. M. Hameed Shahid is a prominent Urdu fiction writer and literary critic of Pakistan. He is the receiver of Tamgha e Imtiaz (one of the highest civil awards in Pakistan).The award has been conferred in recognition of his outstanding contribution in the field of Literature.
The moderators for the session were Dr. Najeeba Arif and Dr. Aziz Ibnul Hasan
M. Hameed Shahid discussed the history and evolution of Urdu Fiction in detail. He highlighted the fact that partition influenced very deeply the writings of the writers of the Subcontinent. He advised extensive reading in order to acquire and polish the writing skills. While drawing comparison of contemporary and classic fiction he said that contemporary fiction is just like a photo taken from camera whose impact is momentary where as the classic fiction is like a piece of art which has the capacity to run in generations as an antique.
Dr. Najeeba Arif stressed on the need to develop research frame works in Urdu Literature which should be adopted by the students for their researches instead of adopting frame works from West. Dr. Aziz Ibnul Hasan also contributed to the discussion that facts about Pakistani culture and society are manipulated by the contemporary Pakistani fiction just to be more popular.
It was a very engaging and interesting session followed by questions answers from the students and the faculty.














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