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We are in double world:

And the lexicon of harmony is extinct

You aspire to carry

The heavy stone of constraint

To the mountain summit

You become breathless,

An expression of compassion

Trickles down your face…

Which turns around frequently

My body is clawed,

Shoulder sunk is…

Deep in the

Mire of inaccessibility.

I await

The heavy boulder sliding

Down to the foot of mountain

Voice chocked in the breast

Never to reach you

What surprises is the fact,

That the worldly body,

Like a similitude,

Within this body

Poses as nasty nobility incognito

I am removed away from

Pudendum mulierio

Abode of origin…

Still I am not obsessed with

Any sanctified apprehension

That failing to encounter me

Chagrin will overtake.


(Translated from Urdu into English by B.H. Nazim)

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